Last June I lay down with Sacred Basil, courtesy of Pam Montgomery, who wrote the book ‘Plant Spirit Healing’. The International Herb Symposium 2013 in Boston had many excellent speakers, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a Shamanic Journey facilitated by Pam.

We entered the room which was laid out in a circle and at each spot sat a pot of Sacred Basil. After our prayers and calling in the powers of the Universe, we made ourselves comfortable to begin our journeys with Sacred Basil.

My journey was of a strong feminine presence that showed me the connection to Spirit; that is to say, in all things, in all places, at any time. When I think of Sacred Basil, I’m reminded of this journey and let Spirit flow into my energy and take time to actually FEEL it.

I remember you Tulsi
As a whisp of energy
Like a pink silk scarf blowing in the breeze
Following you down into the arms of the Earth
Elusive, but somehow attainable
All knowing, ever present
When the breeze settles, I feel you near
Seeing your energy touch the plants, trees, sun, water, earth, sky
Yes, I get it — Spirit is everywhere
You are a strong gentle knowledge breathing Earth’s drum

After our journeying, we hooked up a Sacred Basil plant to a biofeedback machine synched to a synthesizer that turns the vibrations into audio tones. What a joy to hear the song of Sacred Basil!!

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